Client Stories

A CEO at a large media and advertising firm, was unfairly treated on the grounds of her sex by her employer, and not paid equally to her male counterparts. We raised claims on her behalf for discrimination on the grounds of sex, equal pay and constructive unfair dismissal. We successfully achieved a lucrative settlement package which included an agreement to waive her post termination restrictions in order that she could commence new employment without restriction. We also negotiated part payment of her legal costs and further negotiated a positive reference.

A broker who worked for a well-known city brokerage firm had not sought advice before entering into his contract with his employers, and as a result his contract contained a number of unfavourable contractual terms. The working relationship with his employers became strained which resulted in him being signed off work and having his pay reduced (as per the terms of his contract). A subsequent issue arose regarding a forgivable loan, and whether or not repayment of the loan was enforceable in the absence of consideration. Complex tax issues arose as a result. He was left in a very undesirable position but we successfully negotiated a very favourable exit for him, which included an agreed reference and the release from onerous restrictive covenants. We also ensured that an agreement was reached in relation to his fees.

Following a strong performance year, a high profile executive at a leading multinational consulting firm was unfairly dismissed by his employer for purported grounds of redundancy. It soon became apparent that his employer had dismissed him in an attempt to avoid paying him monthly commission payments. A contractual dispute followed. We brought claims for unfair dismissal and unlawful deductions and successfully negotiated a favourable settlement for him. We also built an effective working relationship with his insurers to ensure that his full legal costs were covered.

A solicitor who worked for a major city law firm, brought claims against her then employer, for discrimination and harassment on the grounds of disability and a failure to make reasonable adjustments. We achieved a substantial settlement of her claims exceeding one year’s wages. We also negotiated payment of her legal costs in part and an agreed reference so as to enable her to continue her career within the legal services sector.

We brought claims for a creative artist who had been unfairly dismissed from a leading media and news outlet as a result of raising concerns relating to a new rota system which interfered with her family life. We brought claims for unfair dismissal, automatic unfair dismissal under the Part-Time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations and sex discrimination. We achieved a successful settlement for her plus an agreed reference so that she could continue to work within the media industry.

An administrative executive was unfairly dismissed for gross misconduct from a large American bank in the City of London. We brought claims for unfair dismissal and age discrimination, and successfully achieved a very healthy settlement for our client exceeding one year’s wages. We also ensured that our client’s legal costs were paid in part, and further ensured that our client received an agreed reference in order to be able continue working within the financial services industry.


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